Be happy and wonderful.
Help others to be happy and wonderful.

Prof. Rafał Ohme

Professor Ohme's lessons

WAKE UP and do not let your life stop seducing you

No matter if you are 18, 38 or 80 years old – do not let your life stop making you dizzy, passionate, and enthusiastic. For this you need just three things – imagination, work-outs, goose bumps and a smile like a child.

WAKE UP to find 5D sensoric reality instead of 2D digital reality

Share your 5D reality with others. Teach them how to use the sensoric wealth of our world and to live life to its fullest. All to maintain emotional health, serenity and balance during these digital disruption times.

WAKE UP to create an off-line community

A group of friends and family makes a security net for all of you. Awake others to create the Emo Sapiens community – connect with people off-line to talk, make food and bond. Harmonize the beauty of feelings with the genius of thinking.

CHANGE YOURSELF to adapt to the new

The new is coming and it is coming fast. First, steam and electricity, then mass media, internet and social networks and a second later, virtual and augmented reality and artificial intelligence. Then nano-technologies and flights into space. Willy-nilly, you have to get by somehow, right? Learn to adapt and be agile.

CHANGE YOURSELF to prevent burnout

Without changes even the greatest life leads to stagnation. Lack of challenges, boredom and utter predictability make you ask “Is that all? Nothing new is waiting for me? This is it?” These questions burn you out, in life, at work and in a relationship.

CHANGE YOURSELF to stay young and vital

Think of changes as a natural work-out for the brain. They will not let your brain get lazy and become a limestone. Changes keep you fit and in a good shape. They never let you rest on your laurels.