Expert opinions

Artur Sarnecki

Managing Director Europe East Region Bridgestone, Warsaw, POLAND

„Professor Rafał Ohme’s speech is a real discovery – of oneself, the possibility of one’s own mind, the dominant role of emotions and the importance of intuition in business and beyond. It aroused our curiosity, broadened our horizons, inspired us and motivated us to change. Professor Ohme is an expert in his field. He is able to translate the principles of neuroscience into everyday life in a very accessible and illustrative way and captivates the audience. His lecture broke conventional patterns and at the same time provided many invaluable tips in contact with customers and employees. ” 

Roman Szczepanik

Director HR, Onet-RASP Group Poland

„MindSpa makes it easier to understand and respond to the basic needs of modern man, who, especially in the digital age, does not pay enough attention to them. By finding the primary sources of energy, motivation and creativity, it gives practical and inspiring tips on how to take care of oneself in order to better and more fully interact with one’s loved ones, reach the heights of one’s potential and enjoy this wonderful gift of life every day.”

Grażyna Rzehak

Member of the Supervisory Board of Grupa Pracuj S.A.

„I think that each of us knows that we should take care of ourselves – do something for ourselves not only in the physical but also in the emotional sphere. In our daily pursuits, however, we often forget about this. MindSpa not only reminds us constructively and openly (ouch! 🙂 but also tells us why it’s worth it, it motivates us to act in a positive way! I started working hard. I recommend it to everyone less and more busy!”

Jakub B. Bączek

Entrepreneur, speaker, traveler and writer. Mental coach of the national volleyball team.

“If you can say that SPA is a form of luxury mainly for the body, then Rafał Ohme’s MindSpa is an obligation for your mind. I highly recommend it!”

Sylwia Hałas-Dej

Director of Educational Programs and Development of the Kozminski University.

“MindSpa sounded enigmatic to me, my particular mind said: don’t go, it’s not for you. I am glad, however, that I took part in the workshop, that I met people who care about their own development. MindSpa gives a lot of inspiration in the context of taking care of oneself. It was an amazing way to build commitment and openness among people in a new environment. A great organization that allowed us to be “here and now”. I recommend it!”

Szymon Kudła

Inspirator and business speaker

„MindSpa is a great reset for me – a chance to stop running, self-reflect and catch internal balance. From the workshops I got a lot of inspiration and contacts to cool, open people, because only such people participate in MindSpa. I was particularly impressed by the total professionalism when it comes to the preparation of the workshops, as well as a very specific follow up, i.e. energetic development tasks, which are really well piloted and accounted for. Applause and deep respect for Prof. Rafał Ohme and the whole Inemo team!”

Nadia Kirova

Manager, entrepreneur. Partner and board member of Kirov Strategic Negotiators and content partner of the Center of Excellence at the Kozminski University. Founder of the Passion for Education and Development Foundation.

„Participation in MindSpa has put my knowledge of brain and body function in order. The program convinced me that if I want to keep my youth, ski, dive with my grandchildren and enjoy life for a long time, I should invest my time and effort in the development – not only of muscles, but also of the brain. The MindSpa workshop gave me tools which, if used regularly, will allow me to “live long and die young”. I am already convinced that if I want to keep an open mind and creativity, it is worth leaving my comfort zone regularly. I believe that an employer’s investment in a MindSpa workshop for employees can result in increased creativity and openness to change. I recommend it!”

Tadeusz Żórawski

Managing Director PHD, Poland 

„MindSpa is a program that inspires, tames change and teaches us how to reduce stress. It helps to educate employees to understand how neuroscience works, how to use it for the benefit of the company and for personal development.”

Agnieszka Maciejewska

President of the Business Leaders Foundation

„It is surprising how much we know about the world and how little we know about ourselves. Science is spinning a circle and equipped with new research technologies – it’s coming back to man. The MindSpa workshop with Professor Ohme confronted us with unknown or unconscious facts and left us with a lot of material to think about. A very interesting meeting.”

Sylwester Pilipczuk

Coach, trainer, mediator, MBA lecturer, President of Pro-metheus

„The brain is our most precious resource. Investing in it by all means seems reasonable! Ergo… emotional, effective, eloquent, empathic, ephemeral, expert – that was how Prof. Rafał Ohme conducted the MindSpa workshop. MindSpa’s pioneering and innovative brain training is: an ocean of knowledge filled with scientific discoveries and modern psychology, a sea of practical tips in the field of work-life balance, self-development and neurofitness and a source of optimization for your mental development. Do you have the courage to “wear” a crystal habit and want to get to know the elixir of youth? Do you want to put your mind first? I would like to invite you and highly recommend the training with Prof. Rafał Ohme.

Ilona Adamska

Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Law Business Quality and Empire of Women

„MindSpa is a concrete, practical and inspiring workshop led by Professor Ohme, a specialist in the field of neuroscience. It is a great lesson in emotions and intuition. It provides valuable and useful knowledge in an accessible way. It teaches us how to communicate with relatives and employees, how to astonish and inspire – oneself and others. This workshop is a magical Spa for the Mind. It emanates a unique atmosphere. It allows you to get to know and improve yourself and your surroundings. MindSpa really rejuvenates the mind, helps to open us up to changes and enjoy every sphere of life.”

Rafał Tyburcy

Chief HR Officer, ABC Data

„Old is the one who doesn’t study.” – said Henry Ford. It is unreasonable not to develop your mind. Not only training, not just certifications, not titles, but daily mental work allows us to rise to higher levels of creativity, solve problems and cooperate with others. How to develop a healthy mind in today’s world overloaded with impulses? You will learn this at the MindSpa workshop, full of unique inspirations. It is a permanent and healthy stimulation of our mind! I sincerely recommend it for regular use.”

Anna Korczak

Co-creator of the "Joanna" brand, currently own company

“MindSpa changed my life. I thought I didn’t have to do anything else. The workshop “awakened” in me the readiness for new challenges. I realized how much more I could do for myself and others! And all this with joy. Life itself started to set new goals for me! Thank you very much.”

Edward Stanoch

Managing Director Aon Hewitt, Warsaw, POLAND

„We were delighted to welcome a scientist specializing in such an interesting and innovative field as neuropsychology. Professor Warmus introduced us to the relationship between business and science, showing the impact of brain activity on the daily lives of each of us. Following a lecture supported by hard arguments, it has been easier for us to understand the phrase “I feel I am there, revealing the primacy of emotions over thinking.”

Dr Jingyi Liu

Research Manager, Panmedia Institute, CUC, Beijing, CHINA

„Cooperation with Professor Ohme is not only a real honor for us, but also a great pleasure. His knowledge, brilliance and sense of humor make an impression on all of us. It is very rare to meet such a scientist!”

Peter Klein 

MSW.ARS Research Inc., New York, USA

„I am glad that the dear Professor Ohme and our crossroads crossed a few years ago. His ideas inspired us to explore new areas we never knew before.”

Yu Guoming

Professor Associate Dean of the School of Journalism, Renmin University, Beijing, CHINA

„Prof. Ohme is very committed to applying cognitive neuroscience for business purposes, his dedication and professionalism are impressive. Our team, together with the one from Poland led by Prof. Ohme, created COCOLAB, which aims to apply cognitive neuroscience in journalistic communication. The results are remarkable and we expect even more in the future!”

Wendy Horn

Managing Director of the International Alliance of Law Firms, Minneapolis, USA

„Prof. Ohme’s presentation was just amazing. We received a lot of feedback from members of our organization, stressing that it was the best session they have ever attended in our regional meetings. I have been thinking about the content of the lecture more than once. We are obliged to Professor Warmus and his organization for their work, research, and contribution to sharing valuable knowledge with our lawyers.”

Carla Nagel

Director of NMSBA, Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS

„Prof. Ohme was a speaker at the second edition of the NMSBA World Neuromarketing Forum in Brazil. In a second, he managed to attract the attention of the audience by combining entertainment with valuable knowledge and interesting examples. Everyone was very impressed by his speech.”

Christo Boshoff 

Professor at Stellenbosch University, Cape Town, South Africa

„Prof. Rafał Ohme is a unique, global authority on consumer neuroscience. His excellent scientific background allows him to offer new solutions to old problems. He is an advisor to many international corporations. He offers an insightful look at how companies can fully utilize their brand in a rapidly changing marketplace.”

Piret Reinson

Communication and Marketing Director Nordea Banking, Talinn, ESTONIA

„Prof. Ohme’s workshop should be a mandatory session for all advertising agencies that want to contribute to the business objectives of their clients. From the customer’s perspective, I prefer to talk to the agency about business benefits and campaign objectives, rather than the creative concept. When priorities are set and we have the correct customer opinion, then everything seems to be arranged in a more natural way.”

Rafał Gołębiewski

Head of Business Development Elavon Polska, Warsaw, POLAND

„Prof. Rafał Ohme is absolutely outstanding in his field. Thanks to his great passion for neuropsychology, vast knowledge and charisma, he captivates crowds. The Professor’s lecture was definitely one of the most inspiring and motivating events in which I had the honor to participate. I hope this successful start will result in long-term cooperation.”

Ewa Matusiak

Marketing Manager Novo Nordisk, Warsaw, POLAND

„Prof. Ohme is an extremely charismatic figure. His lecture, delivered with great passion, destroys the standard way of thinking about what really stimulates people to act. In addition to specific advice on how to use the knowledge of the brain and emotions at work, we learned the rules for a good and happy life. As befits a lecturer, Professor Warmus teaches and teaches. But he does it in such a way that the listeners feel inspired by his knowledge, experience and approach to people. I strongly recommend the adventure with neuroscience, to which Prof. Ohme invites you.” 

Kinga Piecuch

Prezes Zarządu SAP Polska, Warszawa, POLSKA 

„Prof. Ohme is an unusual character. The meeting with him was an inspiration for many of the participants of SAP Forum 2015. He showed us how, thanks to the discoveries of neuroscience, the existing ideas about human nature change, as well as how important are emotions and passion in the organization. Prof. Ohme introduced us to consumer research methods based on the latest discoveries in experimental psychology. They are transferred to many areas of company activity, such as HR, sales and marketing. All this constitutes a value for us. Knowledge and technology are the foundations of a modern, more flexible and efficient business – the kind that SAP helps to shape its customers every day.” 

Jacek Santorski

Founder and program director of the Academy of Leadership Psychology, Warsaw, POLAND

“Few specialists in the world, dealing with the application of neuroscience, marketing, psychology or persuasion in leadership, are among the individuals deserving the highest recognition and attention. This environment has its Pioneers and outstanding popularizers. They include Rafał Ohme, a researcher and practitioner of neuroscience from Poland, who operates on all continents”

Iwona Błońska-Nowak

Director of Human Resources Department, Merck Group, POLAND

„Perfection in the preparation of a lecture. Intriguing speaker. Encourages us to think and reflect on what we do and how we do it. Inspires us to work on ourselves, to take care of one’s mind and positive energy. ” 

Adam Krasoń

President of PwC, Warsaw, POLAND

„Prof. Ohme’s lecture was highly appreciated by the participants of the annual meeting of PwC management staff (more than 350 people). His message was inspiring, often intriguing and at the same time full of good humor.”

Elżbieta Wójcik

Vice President of Aviva GI, Warsaw, POLAND

„The cooperation with Professor Warmus from the very first conversation was very professional and friendly. The topic and the way of presentation gathered the highest laurels in practically all the questionnaires evaluating the Congress, which were filled in by over a thousand insurance agents and sales managers of our company. They indicated this lecture as one of the most important points of the meeting. As the organizers, we were pleased to receive congratulations for choosing such a guest.”

Sławomir Jędrzejczyk

Vice President of the Management Board for Finance PKN ORLEN, Warsaw, POLAND

„Meetings with Rafał Ohme are a great pleasure and a great inspiration for me. They open new spaces and motivate me to go beyond the usual patterns and habitual actions.”

Jowita Mytnik-Skała

General Director / President of the Board Veolia CUW, POLAND

“Neuroscience – in the first reflex, it sounds medium friendly and arouses skepticism. However, regardless of age, gender, profession or experience, we are all full of emotions and very often – especially in business – we forget how much they influence our everyday behaviours. A brilliant lecture, which makes us aware of how, by surrounding ourselves with new technologies, we try to subordinate our actions to fully rational decisions, often losing passion and enthusiasm. Amazing energy and authenticity of the message, even when it comes to how hard business collides with abstraction. Speaking about the obvious in a controversial way, Prof. Rafał Ohme breaks stereotypes, calls reality by its name, at the same time entertaining and shocking, and finally, with a pinch of salt, presents reality, but above all inspires, professionally and personally, to seek ‘harmony of emotions and reason’.”