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The best room for gymnastics is the spa – a place and time when you can dedicate full attention only to yourself and your regeneration. Rafał Ohme, drawing from his years of business experience, knowledge of psychology and the brain, and biologist Ula Dąbrowska invite you to Mind Spa – a multi-sensory, slightly exotic and wild training of emotions. This involves a set of exceptional tasks that will force grey cells to “stretch” using non-routine activities. Introducing at least part of these exercises will make life fuller and more colourful. Good energy associated with experimenting, learning about novelty, wondering, tasting and fun will be produced. When you take care of yourself, you will be able to look after others.

If you start making at least part of the Mind Spa exercises, you will see that life will become more complete, and certainly more colourful. Not only yours – your loved ones, neighbours and colleagues will also benefit. Someone once said that “when you change the way you look at the world, you can change the world you look at.” Training of emotions changes the way you look at the world and yourself. Do you accept the invitation to Mind Spa?

– Excerpt from the book


Turn theory into practice with Emo Notebook


Emo Notebook will help you implement positive changes – not for a while – for longer. Preferably forever. Emo Notebook will help you to:

  • Gain motivation
  • Make the first step
  • Implement someting new in your life
  • Make new, positive habits
  • Discover new talents
  • Step by step go through a 6 – month metamorphosis process

Half of a year of changes in front of you – Creative and building time, full of discoveries and surprises. Reach for the Emo Notebook as often as possible – Progress will be visible from week to week, and your life will gain new, better quality. Let’s do this!


The harmony of emotions and mind


Be Emo Sapiens. Emotions are good. Thanks to them you have a drive to act and hope that doesn’t disappear. Trust your intellect, but allow intuition to navigate you among people. Take care of yourself and believe in the impossible.

„I will show you how to combine the power of reason with the power of emotions. Read and see how much brilliance there is in your head. Amaze yourself!”

“Man is a great masterpiece due to reason”– over 400 years ago, Hamlet’s words were said by Shakespeare. Yes, we can be proud of our intellect for a long time – it has made us the dominant species on this planet. These grey cells of our brain have been able to resist the toughness of nature, they heal diseases and prolong life. This book will tell you that it’s not the end of magnificence. Your reason consists of two wisdoms, the first one – intellectual and the other – emotional. We are Emo Sapiens.. Emotions help in thinking. They don’t contradict reason, just the opposite, they are part of it. They make each of us unique and unrepeatable. Nature has created emotions to help you live, dream, love and give energy to actions. Trust intellect, but it is intuition that allows you to navigate yourself in contact with others. I will show you how wonderful your mind is, what it’s capable of and how much it cares about you. Every day, even when you are asleep. Do you feel pride already? You should!

– Excerpt from the book